DTF Prints

With the advent of the revolutionary DTF printing technology Reliable POD are proud to be the first fulfilment provider to offer DIY transfers that our customers can apply themselves 

Many of our customers have very complex needs for placement of their designs, such as sleeves and neck which is very complex to achieve. WE even have customers that prefer their own type of garment that they want to offer which we don't carry so we have decided to offer DTF transfers direct to our customers.

How Does DTF Work?

Basically you can order your own transfer from us, we print them and ship them to you and you can apply them to your garments. It's like you are your own manufacturer.

How Easy Are The Transfers To Apply?

Extremely easy, all you need is a heat press and you are good to go, watch the video below.

Why Would I Want To Use My Own Transfers?

We are going to be straight with you here, placement and printing of sleeve prints, neck prints etc is a pain for mass production. Printing images on the front and back of shirts is easy for us but having to then position and place designs on sleeves or in the neck takes time which in turn costs money. By using your own transfers you can order your own shirts direct from the manufacturers and place your transfers exactly where you want them. It's the same for if you get large orders, if you have a simple design for the front of the shirt just gang up your transfers, we print them and you apply them.

Products & Pricing




A3 Plus Transfer Sheet

DTF Transfer Sheet 21" x 13"


11" x 17" Transfer Sheet

DTF Transfer Sheet 17" x 11"


8" x 10" Transfer Sheet

DTF Transfer Sheet 10" x 8"




How To Create & Upload Your Designs

Watch the video below to learn how to create and gang up your designs for upload in the portal and ordering