Wooden Photo Panel

Expand your product line with our sleek, glossy white hardboard photo panels.

With a modern rectangular design and contrasting black edges and back plus an included kick stand, these panels are a contemporary twist on traditional photo frames. Ideal for showcasing family photos or cherished memories, these photo panels provide your customers with an exceptional way to display life’s treasured moments with elegance and longevity.

Vibrant Imaging: Capitalize on the demand for high-quality print with our panels that make colors pop and images stand out.

Sleek Finish: The glass-like glossy finish adds a touch of elegance to any image, perfect for consumers seeking a modern look.

Durability: Crafted from sturdy 1/4" hardboard for a product that stands the test of time.

Ease of Display: Comes with a built-in kickstand, enabling effortless placement in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Dimensionally Diverse: At 5" x 7" x 1/4" they're the perfect size for desks, sideboards, shelves, widows etc

Product Pricing

Photo Panel 

With Kickstand


Photo Panel


24h Shipping

How To Create A Design

Photo Panel Template

Portrait Size: 1043px  x 1438px

132mm x 183mm

5.2" x 7.2" min 200dpi

Landscape Size: 1438px x 1043px
183mm x 132mm

7.2" x 5.2"

Minimum Resolution: 200 dpi  Colour Space: RGB 

File Type:  JPG or PNG

How To Design For Photo Panel

How To Add A Product Using The App


Learn the art of creating personalized products through our comprehensive video tutorial.

Discover the differences between static and personalized products. Explore step-by-step instructions on adding a photo upload section to your products, allowing customers to customise their purchases with favorite images.

Unlock your creativity by incorporating text fields with font and color selections. Delve into more advanced features like mandatory fields, auto-sized text, and precise alignment for a polished finish and finally push your finished product to your Shopify store. The detailed tutorial covers all aspects of creating personalized products.

How To Create A Personalized Photo Panel