Why Use Reliable?

Reliable POD is a division of RGP Industries and have over 80 years’ experience in custom printing from the early days of screen printing right up to today’s state of the art digital print on demand services.

Our aim at Reliable POD is simple, to provide you our customers with high quality products at attractive pricing shipped within 3 days.

We do this 2 ways:

1: You can log into our manual portal to simply upload designs. Great for those one offs or for ETSY sellers that offer personalisation

2: Our fully automated Shopify app that allows you to upload your designs  and have the orders automatically processed when you receive them

Reasons To Choose Reliable POD

All our products are made in house

Every product we make is made in house by our own staff, no farming orders out to 3rd party vendors.

Speedy production.

Our goal is to ship all orders received in 3 days and we are pleased to say that over 99% of the time we maintain this even in busy periods like Christmas. 

Great Customer Service

We get what its like to send an email and not receive a reply for days. We treat our customers like we would like to be treated and answer emails quickly. We are also available on the telephone too we don't try to hide our number. It's all about making it easy to do business with us.

Lots of great products

We have over 100 products available for you to choose from for your store and we continue to add new products on a regular basis.

Competitive pricing

Let's face it we are all in this to make a profit and as we have said we make everything in house so, it's good to know there are no 3rd party vendors taking a cut which means more margin for you. 

Our Customers

We literally supply hundreds of different business types from artists, designers, brand owners, ETSY or EBAY sellers or tomorrow’s fashion brand. Online sales are literally booming with print on demand being one of the biggest growth sectors in business today.

If you wish to use our services, you will need to register to view our prices as we do not supply consumers. Registration is quick and simple and there are no credit cards required. Click here to register