What is DTF Printing?

Direct To Film (DTF) printing is a new apparel printing technology that is revolutionizing the garment decoration industry.

DTF combines the best of digital print technology with the best of screen print to produce truly retail quality garments.

The DTF process uses its own specially developed textile inks that are printed to a film and by combining screen print technology with transfer technology the image is adhered to the shirt with amazing durability. 

  • Incredible wash fastness - DTF can withstand over 50 hot washes with no degradation to the colors.
  • Vibrant colors - The colors from DTF printing are extremely vibrant & bright.
  • Brilliant whites - The white prints really have to be seen to be believed.
  • No pre treatment required - The DTF process does not use pre treatment so no pre-treatment stains.
  • No pre-treatment smells - Again, because there is no pre treatment used there are no left over odors from the process.
  • Quality feel - The feel of the DTF print to the shirt is more akin to a high quality retail screen print.

Watch the video below